Artist Statement:


One could say I work with both the left and right sides of the brain.  Educated with a math/science background, my career path led me to a more artistic endeavor in the world of marketing for a NY fashion company. I always took art classes in conjunction with my math/science classes because I needed that balance.  I continue to take classes for inspiration and direction.

Always a painter from a young age, I am inspired by objects of the world around.  Everything I see, I want to paint in an abstract way.  Some days it’s linear and some days it’s circular and fluid.  I see things analytically and portray them creatively.

I am drawn to bright colors and items that evoke happiness.  Flowers seem to be a big draw for me.  I'm not a gardener but I love to photograph flowers then paint them.  I often change the colors or change the proportions making the images abstract.

I work on both canvas and paper.  I like to start with a painting then magnify sections of it to produce a series or change up the color to create change resulting in a series.  I’m drawn to both fluid objects and linear objects, chemical structures and close up flowers.  

It’s always evolving.